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Terms and Conditions for Complaint and Dispute on Credit Card's Transaction, Fee and Charges

1. Cardholder may submit complaints or objections on any matters relating to the Card either in writing or verbally at the nearest branch office and/or other channels purposely to receive complaint as determined by the Bank and notified by the Bank to Cardholder. Cardholder shall state or mention the Card number as reference in every complaint or objection submitted to the Bank.
2. Complaint or objection upon any matters written on Billing Statement can only be submitted by Cardholder not later than within 14 (fourteen) days since the date of the Billing Statement. Complaint or objection to any other matters can be submitted any time by Cardholder.
3. In case Cardholder submits complaint or objection in writing, then such complaint or objection must be completed with photocopy of identity and other supporting document as requested and required by the Bank. In case Cardholder submits complaint or objection verbally, then the Bank will settle the complaint or objection within 2 (two) business days. However, if the verbal complaint or objection is not settled within period above, the Bank will request the relevant Cardholder or his authorized representative to submit complaint or objection in writing to the Bank completed with its supporting document. Written complaint will be settled within not later than 20 (twenty) business days after receipt date of such written complaint and can be extended for 20 (twenty) business days by written notification to Cardholder or his authorized representative.
4. Cardholder undertakes to, at his own expenses, settle every dispute with the merchants in case of dispute relating to goods and services purchased from the merchant, and Cardholder hereby fully discharges the Bank from all responsibilities for goods and services provided by the merchant or due to denial by each merchant to accept or refund the value of the card purchase upon Cardholder’s account.
5. Cardholder shall settle to the Bank, all expenses and billings, including advocate’s or lawyer’s fee, incurred from the purpose of requesting and/or claiming any billing due from the Card. Charges and expenses arising from breach of every terms and conditions in these Terms and Conditions shall become the responsibility of Cardholder and may be charged to Cardholder through its account.

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