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Personal Loan

Frequently Asked Questions List

1. Why do I need a loan?
Most people who borrow money have good reasons for doing so. Here is a list of common reasons for borrowing:
Buy or renovate your house
Pursuing higher education
Memorable wedding
Starting your own business
Making a timely investment
Taking advantage of a sale
Buying appliances/durables
2. What is the age requirement for a personal loan?
To apply for a HSBC personal loan you will have to be 21-55 years of age.
3. How much can I borrow?
You can borrow from a minimum of Rp 5 million. The maximum you can borrow is Rp 125 million.
4. How much should I borrow?
As a rule of thumb, you should not spend more than 30% of your gross monthly income on loan repayments. However, you must take into consideration your other commitments.
5. How long should I take to repay the loan?
12 months, 24 months, 36 months
6. What are the tenures for the personal loan?
12 months, 24 months, and 36 months
7. What is the interest rate for the personal loan?
  Repayment Period
Loan Amount 12 months 24 months 36 months
<50 mio
≥ 50 mio
8. Do I need to provide collateral/guarantee for an HSBC Personal Loan?
No, HSBC Personal Loans do not require collateral/guarantee.
9. How will you assess my application?
We will assess your application against the details you provide to ensure that you can afford the repayments of the loan and check that you have a good credit history.
10. After the personal loan application is approved, where will the loan be transferred?
You have two choices to where the loan will be transferred:
  1. An account in another bank.
  2. An existing account in HSBC (only for PowerVantage/HSBC Premier account holders).
11. What is the amount of instalment I have to pay?
The instalment depends on the loan amount and tenure.
12. How long is the processing time?
Processing takes 10 working days since application is accepted by HSBC’s Credit Department with complete documentation.
13. What documents should I bring when I want to apply for a HSBC Personal Loan?

First of all you must completely fill out and sign an HSBC Personal Loan apllication form. You must also submit:
Document Non Card Holder Card Holder
Employee Entrepreneur Professional
KTP/Passport (copy) * * * *
Other Bank Credit Card Information (Credit Card Number, Credit Card issuer, Credit Limit and Open date)       *(stated on application form)
Salary Slip (origina/ copy)# **      
Company Reference Letter/SKP (original/copy)## **      
Bank Statement (Copy)### * * *  
Telephone/Electricity Billing (original) *** *** ***  
SIUP/TDP (Copy)   *    
Professional Licence (Copy)     *  

* Mandatory.
** Optional.
*** Only required if address on KTP and Bank Statement is different with current address.
# Salary Slip required is from last 1 or 2 months.
## SKP (Reference Letter) required is from last 1 month.
### Copy of Bank Statement required is from last 3 months under applicant's or company's name.
NPWP is required if the loan amount requested is ≥ IDR 50 million.
14. Can I apply for additional loan if I haven’t finished my instalment?
No. However there is an opportunity to top up your loan (terms and condition applied).
15. What will happen if the amount accepted by HSBC is less than the agreed instalment?
The amount of payment received will be considered as partial payment, therefore the account holder will be subject to late payment fee and interest overdue for the unpaid instalment.
16. What happens if I do not pay the instalment?
The account holder will be subject to late payment fee and interest overdue for the unpaid instalment.
17. If the interest rate fluctuate, will it affect my payment?
Interest rate fluctuation will not affect your monthly installment because the HSBC Personal Loan interest rate is fixed during the whole loan period.
However, the conditions for Top Up loans are different since the installment for Top Up will depend on the current interest rate rather than the interest rate during original loan approval.
18. What are the other costs related to borrowing besides interest?
Usually extra costs of the borrowing may include:
Administration fee 3% from loan amount applied for customer with approved limit < 50 Million
Administration fee 0% from loan amount applied for customer with approved limit
>= 50 Million
Late charge fee (only applicable when you are late for payment).
Early repayment fees.

Help and Support

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  64722 (from mobile phone)
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