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 HSBC Personal Loan*

Personal Loan

HSBC Personal Loan

HSBC Personal Loan is a multi-purpose cash loan offered by HSBC with fixed monthly installment and collateral free. HSBC Personal Loan offers loans ranging from Rp 5-125 million with flexibility and benefits, including:

Competitive interest rates
You can get competitive monthly interest rates, as shown in the table below
  Repayment Period
Loan Amount 12 months 24 months 36 months
<50 mio
≥ 50 mio
Flexible repayment period
In choosing the period to repay the loan, you can choose from 12, 24 or 36 months.
Quick processing time
You only need 10 (ten) working days since your application (with complete documentation) is accepted by HSBC’s Credit Department.
Simple requirements
Document Non Card Holder Card Holder
Employee Entrepreneur Professional
KTP/Passport (copy) * * * *
Other Bank Credit Card Information (Credit Card Number, Credit Card issuer, Credit Limit and Open date)       *(stated on application form)
Salary Slip (origina/ copy)# **      
Company Reference Letter/SKP (original/copy)## **      
Bank Statement (Copy)### * * *  
Telephone/Electricity Billing (original) *** *** ***  
SIUP/TDP (Copy)   *    
Professional Licence (Copy)     *  

* Mandatory.
** Optional.
*** Only required if address on KTP and Bank Statement is different with current address.
# Salary Slip required is from last 1 or 2 months.
## SKP (Reference Letter) required is from last 1 month.
### Copy of Bank Statement required is from last 3 months under applicant's or company's name.
NPWP is required if the loan amount requested is ≥ IDR 50 million.

Convenient loan disbursement
The amount of the approved loan will be transferred directly your private account in any bank in Indonesia.
Ease of payment
You can pay the loan easily because HSBC Personal Loan payment can be done through many locations, like:
  •   24 HSBC branches
  •   53 HSBC ATMs
  •   More than 13,000 ATM Bersama

What else should I know?

How much can I borrow ?

Why do I need a loan?
How much should I borrow?
How long should I take to repay the loan?
What are the other costs related to borrowing besides interest?
Loan Simulation
Table illustration

*Not for expatriate customers.
[Last Updated: 14 March 2013]

Help and Support

For Personal Customer:
Contact Us (+6221) 5291 4722
  64722 (from mobile phone)
Location Locate HSBC Branch
Location Find HSBC ATM