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HSBC Indonesia have put together an irresistible collection of rewarding treats especially for you to pick and choose that will be sure to cater to your every need - ranging from fashion to gourmet escapades and hotel to leisurely pursuits.


  1. HSBC Rewards is one of the features provided for all HSBC Credit Card holders (except Corporate credit card).
  2. Cardholders will earn 1 Reward Point for every purchase worth Rp 1,250* and multiplication applies.
  3. Reward points will be credited automatically to your Primary card Points balance at the time of purchase transactions are recorded.
  4. Reward Redemption can be made by all Primary HSBC credit card, excluding credit card corporation.
  5. Reward points can be collected from the time Credit Card being issued, and when the Credit card is active, has no outstanding payment, not over limit, and no credit card misuse.
  6. Reward Points are not transferable from one credit card account to another credit card account, and can not be accumulated from different Credit Card (eg Visa and MasterCard) under the same Cardholders name or from different Credit cardholders name.
  7. Cardholders can not cancel rewards redemption that has been processed.
  8. Any disputes for missing rewards points will only be considered if notified to us within 3 months of the date of the relevant transaction and supporting evidence is provided. Bank shall use data in HSBC system with relevant proof / supporting document to customer, as a reference for point calculation dispute settlement.
  9. Reward Points will be considered expired if the Cardholder cancel / close the Credit Card account.
  10. Reward Points validity period is in 2 (two) years’ time. Reward points will be expired on the last business day of the month of the Credit Card issuance. Reward Points can only be redeemed no later than 2 weeks prior to the expiration date, and Bank can not return any expired points.
  11. HSBC may change, delete, or add to these terms and conditions as well as to change the required number of Points Rewards for redemption. Any changes will be notified to the Credit Cardholders through HSBC website ( within 7 (seven) working days prior to the change.

  12. * Starting 15 July 2014

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