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FAQ Master Card

About MasterCard® SecureCode™

What is MasterCard SecureCode?

How does HSBC’s MasterCard SecureCode work?

Is the service applicable for supplementary cardholder?


HSBC's MasterCard SecureCode Registration

Can I register with my existing HSBC’s MasterCard credit card or do I need to  apply for a new one to use HSBC’s MasterCard SecureCode service?

Can I register more than one HSBC’s MasterCard credit card?

Can I register any Visa?

Is there any charge for registration?

If I lost my HSBC’s MasterCard credit card, do I need to re-register with the MasterCard SecureCode when I receive a new card?

When I renewed my HSBC’s MasterCard credit card, do I need to register with   the service again?

How do I register my HSBC’s MasterCard credit Card?


Using MasterCard SecureCode

What are the browser requirements for using HSBC’s MasterCard SecureCode service?

What is a Personal Greeting?

Once I have registered, how do I use HSBC’s MasterCard SecureCode service when I shop online?

If I have not registered, can I use HSBC’s MasterCard SecureCode service when I shop online?

Where can I shop with the MasterCard SecureCode?

How will the online store know that I am the user of HSBC’s MasterCard SecureCode?.


Customer Services

What if I forget my SecureCode?

Can I change my SecureCode?

If I suspect someone has stolen my password or used it to make fraudulent  purchase, what should I do?

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