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Mobile Banking Services

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HSBC Mobile Banking main features

  • Access your account and investment balance worldwide with Global View.
  • Transfer fund to other HSBC account, SKN, RTGS and Telegraphic Transfer.
  • Open time deposit with many choices of terms Pay HSBC credit cards.
  • Pay HSBC credit cards.
  • Check foreign exchange and interest rates.
  • Check HSBC latest promotions.
HSBC Mobile Banking features

iphone Checking your account balance and transaction history is just few taps

View demo:
iphone While you are in the rush, you still can perform money transfer to all destination (domestic or overseas) at anytime (24 hours services).

View demo:
iphone Open time deposit with variety tenors selection suitable for your needs.

View demo:
iphone No need to open your PC or laptop or call Phone Banking service, you could easily access the latest interest rate and foreign exchange just at your fingertips.

View demo:
iphone Having questions about transactions or any other banking information, you can send a secure message through this feature.

View demo:
HSBC Internet Banking users
1. For iPhone and Android users , please download HSBC Mobile Banking application.

        App Store     Play Store

For BlackBerry users, please use your browser to access

Notes: Make sure "Load Images" and "Javascript" are activated.

2. Use username and password with your security device to logon to HSBC mobile banking application.
3. View Mobile Banking HSBC demo here

Not registered as HSBC Internet Banking users?
Access to HSBC Mobile Banking need username, password and security device.

Click here to register for HSBC Internet Banking.
Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Baking is a wireless Internet-based service that allows safe and convenient banking on the go through your mobile device. It gives you access to our key Internet Banking features and service including: balance enquiry (including Global View), transaction history retrieval, time deposit opening, fund transfer, pay HSBC credit cards and interest & foreign exchange rates enquiry.
Mobile banking is designed specially for ease of use on mobile device. Your personal phone's built-in features (like touchscreen) are used, and information is properly formatted for a smaller screen.
For iOS (iPhone) and Android based smartphone users, please download and use the HSBC Mobile Banking Application available at Apple App Store and Google Play.
BlackBerry smartphone users can access using the phone's internet browser.
  • iPhone iOS 5 OS or above
  • Android powered device with platform 2.3 or higher
  • Other Internet enabled phones including Blackberry
Mobile banking works on any type of mobile line with an internet connection. Please check with your service provider regarding the data charges that might apply.
There are no bank charges for downloading & using HSBC Mobile Banking application/service. Standard Internet Banking transaction fees still apply when using HSBC Mobile Banking. Data charges from your mobile service provider may apply. HSBC is not responsible for these charges.
To access HSBC Mobile Banking, please use your existing Personal Internet Banking logon details. If you have not registered for Personal Internet Banking, please click here to register.
Please key in on your mobile device's browser. The Mobile Banking home page will appear if you are browsing from a supported mobile device. Nevertheless, iPhone and Android user can download and use the HSBC Mobile Banking application available at Apple App Store and Google Play respectively.
Following features are available through HSBC Mobile Banking:
  • View your account balance and transaction history worldwide
  • Open new time deposit
  • Transfer fund between your accounts
  • Transfer fund to other HSBC Indonesia accounts
  • Transfer fund to another bank in Indonesia (SKN & RTGS)
  • Transfer fund to overseas beneficiary
  • Pay HSBC credit cards
  • Read and send secured messages to HSBC
  • Foreign exchange and Interest rate inquiries
For other service such savings accounts opening, please access HSBC Internet Banking site via your computer.
The HSBC Mobile Banking Application can be used on Apple and Android tablets.
The application may be withdrawn at any time by Apple, Google, or HSBC. If the application is withdrawn, we will do our best to notify you. We may update the application at any time and you may be required to download the updated app to continue using HSBC Mobile Banking.
You can access the full version of HSBC Internet Banking by logging on through our website via your computer.

Using HSBC Mobile Banking

Log off from HSBC Mobile Banking and you will be directed to the pre-logon page where there is an icon/quick-link to "full website" at the bottom of the page. Only this page carries an icon/link to our "full website".
Yes, HSBC Mobile Banking (including the application) is accessible anywhere as long as you have a connection to the internet via smartphone. Please note that you may incur roaming data charges while overseas. We recommend that you check your roaming coverage and charges prior to travel.
No, activation of security devices must be done by accessing your HSBC Internet Banking.
BlackBerry smartphone users can access using the phone's internet browser.
Yes, you must be a registered HSBC Personal Internet Banking user to use HSBC Mobile Banking.
No. If you cancel your HSBC Personal Internet Banking service, you will no longer be able to access your account through HSBC Mobile Banking. If you have not registered for Personal Internet Banking, please visit HSBC website in your country to register.
Yes, you will need your HSBC security device. The same security and authentication procedures will apply to both Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.
Yes, but it is only available in the iOS and Android applications only. HSBC offers mobile banking in many countries. If you have accounts with HSBC in other countries, you can use the country selector tool within the application to determine if mobile banking is offered in each country where you bank. If available, you will be able to access your HSBC account in that country.
Bill payment service is currently not available for personal banking customers.
No, to change or delete a scheduled transfer/payment, please access HSBC Internet Banking using your computer.
Should you require help with Mobile Banking, please contact us on +6221 5291 4722 or 64722 from your mobile phone for Personal Banking Customers.

Technical Info

No, You will receive an error message if you try to log on to both concurrently.
HSBC only supports the default BlackBerry browser at the moment. For optimal performance, use your BlackBerry default browser.
Please access HSBC Internet Banking using a computer and select the "forgotten password" link. Should you need further assistance, +6221 5291 4722 or 64722 from your mobile phone for Personal Banking Customers. Please note that international call charges may apply.
For security reasons, your HSBC Mobile Banking sessions will be automatically terminated after 10 minutes of inactivity. You will then need to log on again.
It depends on your device and data plan. Some devices cannot multitask. If you accept a phone call or SMS whilst using Mobile Banking, your sessions may be terminated. You will then need to log on again.
Keeping your banking information safe and secure is of vital importance to HSBC. As demand increases for newer, faster, and better ways to bank, HSBC pledges to continue its efforts to maintain the highest level of only security for its customers. However, you also play a critical role in keeping your personal information protected.
  • Keep your security details confidential and do not share them with anyone
  • Do not write your security details down, or store them in third party apps on your mobile device
  • Always check you have the very latest version of our app
  • Where possible keep your phone operating system up to date
  • Where appropriate, regularly update your mobile device with anti-virus and anti-spyware software
  • Avoid sharing your mobile device with others
  • Use only your own device to log on to HSBC and if you have to use someone else's device, ensure it is secure and that you log off completely
  • Whenever you install any app, make sure you understand what it is going to do with your device's features and with your personal information before you give it permission to be installed. Do not leave your device unattended after logging on
  • Always log off when you are finished with mobile banking
  • Ensure your device is set up to automatically password/passcode lock itself after a brief period of inactivity
  • Use only trusted Wi-Fi connections
  • Do not use a jailbroken Apple iPhone or rooted Android phone as jailbreaking and rooting both remove important security features)
  • Only install applications on your device from trusted app stores: App Store and Google Play
Log on credentials cannot be changed from HSBC Mobile Banking. Please refer to your local country website for more information.
Closing your app or switching off your phone will not necessarily log you off. As with Internet Banking, we recommend that you always click the Log Off button/link.
No, it's fast. Mobile banking sends very small amounts of information at a time for the quickest possible mobile experience. If you experience slow speeds, please check on your internet connection.
If you are unable to access the internet through your mobile device, please contact your telecommunication service provider or the mobile phone manufacturer's technical support.
Please check your internet connection and signal quality. Make sure that the internet connection (WiFi or Mobile broadband) is available, connection speeds vary with service providers, data plans and geographical locations. If you experience a slow response while using HSBC Mobile Banking, please check with your telecommunication service provider.
This may occur if you have previously accessed HSBC Mobile Banking but chose to continue browsing the full website. Clear your browser's cookies, cache and history and close the browser, or restart your device. You should now be able to see the HSBC Mobile Banking page again. If this is your first time accessing HSBC Mobile Banking, ensure that your device is supported. Please refer to the question "What mobile device can I use?"
Bookmark HSBC Mobile Banking so it appears as an icon on the homepage. You can now use this bookmark to quickly navigate to HSBC Mobile Banking.
There are two methods to solve this issue:
1. Clear cache and cookies in browser. Access on your device's browser to get back to HSBC Mobile Banking Mobile site.
2. Wait for 15 minutes and access on your mobile device's browser to get back to HSBC Mobile Banking site.
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