New Security Device for HSBC Internet Banking

Your key to extra protection

The new HSBC Security Device is designed to ensure only you can access your accounts. We're the first bank in Indonesia to introduce the smallest and simplest-to-use two-factor authentication device.

You can now enjoy round-the clock banking convenience with greater peace of mind.

  Fraud protection
With the new Security Device you have an extra layer of protection.
You need your PIN number and your personal Security Device to log on.
  image   Simple to use
Just switch it on, enter your Security Device PIN and it'll give you a unique, one-off six digit security code each time. It is as simple as that.
  Peace of mind
Secure Device gives you greater peace of mind because you have this extra layer of security.
  image   Slim and portable
It's about the same size as a credit card so it should easily fit in a wallet or purse. You can take it with you and log on to your HSBC Internet Banking anywhere you are.